Create Email Account via Client Area

1. Click on "View All" to view your products/services.

Email Account via Client Area - Screen 1

2. Click on the domain that you want to access.

Email Account via Client Area - Screen 2

3. Click on the "Email Accounts" shortcut icon.

Email Account via Client Area - Screen 3

4. Enter the email address you want to create
5. Click "Password Generator" to generate a random password. A popup will appear with additional options (Please see the next image below.)
6. Your generated password will appear here as dots, otherwise you may choose to enter your own password here.
7. If you choose to enter your own password, please confirm it by entering it a second time in this field.
8. Choose the desired size for this mailbox.
9. Click "Create Account" to create this email address.
10. You may select whether a welcome email is sent to this email address.

Email Account via Client Area - Screen 4

This popup will appear when you press "Password Generator".
a. Click this button to generate a new password.
b. Here you may choose additional options, i.e. only generate a password with letters and numbers.
c. Tick this box to confirm that you have copied the password to a safe place.
d. If you want to use this password, click "Use Password" otherwise click "Cancel" to go back to the "Add Email Account" page to create your own password.

Email Account via Client Area - Screen 5

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