3D Secure - All You Need to Know

You tried to pay via VCS credit card gateway but you got an error and it would not let you pay? A possible reason for this is that your card is not yet authorised for 3D secure banking - where it sends you the One Time Password (OTP) to your mobile phone.

Please contact your bank and activate 3D Secure on your credit card. You should then be able to pay via the VCS gateway on our site after this has been activated.

Alternatively, you can use PayFast's Instant EFT option, though we are looking at switching to a different gateway than PayFast and this change will happen sometime in the future weeks. There is a link below to our help article on how to pay via PayFast:


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3D Secure:

Banks have been rolling out advanced security features to make online transactions safer than ever before. The majority of cards these days are what is called “3D Secure” compliant – which makes it very hard for criminals to spend your money fraudulently. 

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How Does This Affect Me?

If your Visa/Mastercard has 3D Secure enabled, you are going to be redirected to a page where you will need to go through the security process applicable to your particular card. Once the process is complete you will be brought back to your ClientZone on the site you are trying to make payment from. 

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