Need e-mail and a website for your domain name?
DigiWorks utilises powerful cutting edge technology including a 100% Juniper network, CloudLinux and a world class data center with a 10Gbps fibre ring provided by local providers: AfricaINX and Internet Solutions. N+2 redundancy significantly reduces our power consumption and carbon footprint.

Basic Hosting

Starting from:
  • The Basic package is perfect for your personal blog or showcase of photos or hobbies. Share your view of the world with your very own online gallery or informative articles. Keep it simple with Digiworks!
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Standard Hosting

Starting from:
  • The Standard package is perfect for smaller businesses by being able to host up to five blogs along with a greater capacity for showcasing your photos or services with larger galleries and more information. Take it up a notch with Digiworks!
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Pro Hosting

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  • The Pro package is perfect for your small to medium size business with the capacity to host multiple blogs, showcase your products or services, and e-commerce options provided by easy-to-install applications. Go Pro with Digiworks!
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Premium Hosting

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  • The Premium package is perfect for larger businesses, with easy-to-install web applications, access tools for reporting and website stats, more email addresses and databases available. Rise to the top with Digiworks!
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Why Sign up with DigiWorks?

  • Instant setup: Having registered a domain you won’t want to waste any time registering an account which is why DigiWorks provides an instant setup for you to get started immediately. Once your registration is complete, an email with your account details will be sent to you. It is that simple. It’s quick and easy web hosting for South Africans provided by DigiWorks.
  • Site analytics: Built-in analytics will allow you full control over the comings and goings of your website. DigiWorks is dedicated to providing quality and comprehensive services, so do not hesitate to use our expertise to guide you through the process to put the potential of internet marketing in your hands.
  • Extra apps: Built-in apps will allow you to enhance your website to look and perform exactly how you want it to. Bridge the gap between you and your visitors with quality apps that give you the freedom to optimize the online marketplace. DigiWorks will gladly help you with any queries you have when it comes to building the perfect website for you or your business.
  • Fast website builder: Use one of hundreds of templates or create your own custom design when building your website. You dictate the pace at which it is built with a variety of fonts, icons and template backgrounds readily available. Get your business online and operational with the latest and best tools provided along with the offer of skilled and personable help from the DigiWorks technical support team.
  • Security and backup: DigiWorks values security above all else and we want our clients feeling safe and secure using our services with up-to-date software and firewall applications. DigiWorks diligently and routinely backs up data and information ensuring your website and hosting environment is clean and safe.
  • DigiWorks is an accredited registrar: Accreditation means that certification and inspection bodies have been assessed against recognized standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and capability. DigiWorks is equipped to offer the best products in South Africa at affordable prices, leaving you assured that you and your business are safe and secure with our online services.